Four reasons to apply to Hub71 MENA Growth Competition 2.0

We’ve recently announced the launch of Hub71 MENA Growth Competition 2.0 and we’re thrilled that this year’s edition will revolve around an all-digital experience. The decision to go all-digital came naturally in light of the ongoing COVID-19, which limited travel across countries.

Hub71 MENA Growth Competition 2.0 is open for all MITEF Arab Startup Competition semifinalists from the past 3 editions (11th, 12th, and 13th edition). Though, we encourage all our community from MIT Enterprise Forum chapters around the world to explore Hub71’s incentive program that relieves growth-stage founders from many of the financial challenges like: Office space, medical insurance, and subsidized housing.

To learn more about Hub71’s incentive program, the competition, and Abu Dhabi’s value proposition to innovative founders all over the world, join us for our upcoming webinar on April 22 starting 11 AM UAE time. Register to attend here.

Register today to attend our upcoming webinar on Hub71's incentive program

Winners of the Hub71 MENA Growth Competition 2.0 will benefit from Hub71’s incentive program, in addition to a 5-year entrepreneur visa to the UAE and access to global markets right from the heart of Abu Dhabi.

Below you will find 4 (not so obvious) reasons to participate in the second edition of Hub71 MENA Growth Competition powered by MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab:

  • It’s free marketing: being an all-digital experience gives all parties flexibility on many fronts. Turning the competition all-digital increases brand awareness, traffic to your website and social accounts. Also, participants could directly connect with interested customers and investors on the fly (no need to have a business card on you). Lastly, participants will meet a global audience during our upcoming demo day on June 1, 2020
  • Costs nothing to participate: The thing about online competitions is that you don’t need to worry about catching a flight or travel anywhere. Just make sure your laptop is charged and you’re set! Also, you’d be saving the environment while you’re at it. Most importantly, participants don’t have to pause running their businesses to participate.
  • Showcase your product or service in a whole new light: Forget all about technical difficulties or unidimensional pitches. With an all-online competition, you could now impress the judges with an immersive pitch that exhibits your creativity and ability to pitch remotely
  • Awesome networking experience where you’ll get to meet dedicated mentors who will help you perfect your pitch and define your value proposition. Also, meeting fellow entrepreneurs will help you learn from their experiences and realize that you’re not the only one who’s struggling
  • BONUS: You stay home quarantined during these times #StayAtHome

Learn more about our competition by visiting the official website:

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