During our conference and award ceremony for the 12th edition of the Arab Startup Competition, we interviewed Huma Abidi, Director of Machine Learning/Deep Learning Software Engineering at Intel Corp, on how AI, ML, and DL promise to revolutionize the global economy on many levels (job creation, entrepreneurship, and innovation).

Huma Abidi is the Engineering Director of Deep Learning in the Artificial Intelligence Product Group at Intel Corporation, where she is responsible for Deep Learning framework software optimization for Intel processors. Huma joined Intel as a software engineer and has since worked in a variety of engineering, validation, and management roles in the area of compilers, binary translation, and machine learning and deep learning.

During our brief interview, we were able to discuss how AI can support entrepreneurs in their journey, especially as there has been a surge of available data, which can be processed with 'cheap' hardware, while utilizing increasingly improved algorithms. Moreover, Abidi shared with us the main drivers of AI development and in what fields it is currently being used.

In her keynote, Abidi examined how deep learning (DL) is transforming digital economies around the world. First, she provides a holistic view of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, while highlighting their differences.

Her discussion revolves around real-life scenarios that her team deals with as part of their work at Intel. Also, she calls for socially responsible use of AI technologies, one that is built on ethics and leads to social good.

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