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Football has qualities that bring people together in ways that often defy usual barriers, with people engaging across geographic boundaries, age spans,even bringing divided communities together. The principles and values inherent in football can teach young people about fair play, tolerance, inclusion and respect. What is the problem? Scattered data; Football is the most popular sport in the world, it’s been immensely transformed online. However, it has created a distracting space on the web for us as fans. There are tons of news sources to follow and with the social media entering that space as well, +50M unique user have to open every day tens of tabs to get one piece of information on their favorite team. This only leads to laggy browsers or mobiles, cluttered tabs, major distractions and frustration. Lack of virtual stadiums; From the way we talk about it as fans, to the way content is made, football is still in the stone ages when it comes to the context provided by the current products and fans engagement experience. We are still stuck in this paradigm where the fans can’t find a single place online to write/share, read or even follow their favorite content in one place.

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