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Arab Startup Competition Ninth Edition 2016: Ideas Track - Semi-finalist


Arabs care a lot about their heritage, roots, genealogy and the long history of their families and tribes. The genealogy information is scattered among books and in the heads of veteran maintainers, with no digitized centralized source in the era of digital world and high internet penetration. Although general purpose social networks are now widespread in the region among all ages, such networks don't fulfill their special needs to connect families and discover their long histories. From here came the idea of Jozour as a specialized social network designed with the Arab culture and needs in mind to provide a means of communication for families and for everyone to discover his roots by building his own family tree and discovering connections with other families along the history. From the great grandchildren to the great great grandparents and beyond user can explore his roots, document the history, share memories, connect with far and near relatives, form family reunions and more.

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Amr Medhat

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