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El Khodairy for Ecotaqa | الخضيري لحلول الطاقة

El Khodairy for Ecotaqa | الخضيري لحلول الطاقة

Renewable Energy and Greentech


Still operating







Arab Startup Competition Eleventh Edition 2018


Social Entrepreneurship Track


Arab Startup Competition Eleventh Edition 2018: Social Entrepreneurship Track - Winner


Al Khudairi for biogas technology can transform these problems into opportunities, by converting the waste into energy. Through the use of livestock manure and stockyard waste, we produce biomethane gas, the alternative to fill gas cylinders. This gas is produced as a result of a process of fermentation and reaction, and it is a renewable and also used for cooking, heating and lighting. The process also produces pure organic fertilizer that will replace the soil-damaging chemical fertilizers and contributes to safe and healthy organic farming.

Team members

Mona Khodairy / CEO
Amira Badr / Marketing specialist

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