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Artificial blood

Artificial blood


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Innovate For Refugees Third Edition 2019


Startups Track


Innovate For Refugees Third Edition 2019: Startups Track - Finalist


Refugee in various part of the world suffer from the scourge of the war and its aftermath, which has left many victims. Getting blood and store it to save lives is challenge in conflict area and where refugee are located. Blood storage requires special environment and precautions that are difficult to obtain in refugee gathering places. To overcome the above mention challenges, a novel artificial red blood cell was created -by us- that effectively picks up oxygen in the lungs and delivers it to tissues throughout the body. This artificial blood can be freeze-dried, making it easier for combat medics and paramedics to keep on hand for emergencies. It can be easily stored, transfer from one place to another, and can be used anywhere for emergencies situation. It can be stored in an IV plastic bag that a medic would carry, either in their ambulance or in a backpack, for a year or more. When they need to use it, they spike the bag with sterile water, mix it, and it’s ready to inject right then.
This new material which mimic the red blood cell functionality and can stored as a powder will revolutionize emergency medicine and provide the refugee and trauma victims a better chance of survival.

Team members

Maha Alafeef / PhD student

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