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Innovate For Refugees First Edition 2017


Innovate For Refugees First Edition 2017


Our solution is a free mobile application that contains both the knowledge and skills that refugee parents and their 3-8 year-old children need to deal with their mental health challenges. The app provides short video tutorials recorded by professionals in the field to provide knowledge on matters such as types of emotions, how to recognize them, forms of bullying, anxiety symptoms, etc. For introducing particular cases as examples, animation will be used instead of real characters to provide both security and general relation to the content provided. With each video, an interactive activity (including simple games on the app) will be provided for parents to implement and play with their children. This way, the solution provided weighs between self-paced learning and an application of the knowledge and skills acquired throughout its use. Children, moreover, get to develop their social emotional intelligence in a comfortable and fun approach of practice.

Team members

Hiba Ibrahim

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