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Indigo World

Indigo World

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Launched in 2019



Innovate For Refugees First Edition 2017


Innovate For Refugees First Edition 2017


We have built an app that allows refugees to ask for help posting any kind of service or object & to offer services and objects. It makes the match between NEEDS and OFFERS instantly, allows NGOs to offer what they do connecting the refugees and the NGO offers. The NGOs also can ask for objects and services, and it increases refugees income promoting inclusion The concept is simple: We have created a virtual currency name "DIGO", that cant be exchanged for real money. Basically the more you give objects or services, the more "Digos" you earn, allowing you to get in return what you need form another user. The Innovation is that users can now work even if they are ilegal, they can become active offering their skills and exchange them for another one. The app also lists the NGOs offers and needs, and community offers and needs. The fact that a refugee can work using Indigo will allow him to become self confident and active creating social bounding between refugees and locals.

Team members

Paulo freitas


  • 2019 - Business Angels - $850,000
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