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Innovate For Refugees First Edition 2017


Innovate For Refugees First Edition 2017


VITALTECH 1.0 technology is a hybrid vertical pilot mounted as a puzzle and designed by using "final travel containers”. Based on integral up-cycling model, the pilot will ensure inside the refugees camps the up-cycling of the human waste and the green waste to produce vegetable protein (mushroom), electricity and fertilizer. The mushroom will be dried, packaged and commercialized from the camp to the world with a "special price" including the logo of UN and directly commercialized in EU mainly Germany, France and Italy that present about 38% of international consumption of the mushroom. The turnover from the marketing of the mushroom will be used to purchase vital products (water, food, milk, etc..) with the support also of UN and in the same time to create other pilots.

Team members

Saidi Wael

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