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Self-sustaining Agroshelter

Self-sustaining Agroshelter



Not operating

2016 - 2017



Innovate For Refugees Second Edition 2018


Innovate For Refugees Second Edition 2018


This project aims to propose a beneficial strategy to replace current refugee camp system. A well-planned environment where asylum seekers could start to work as positive members of the labor market upon their arrival in the hosting society. The idea is to provide agriculture centers and productive urban farms that could act as integration points amongst new arrivals and destination country. Selfsustaining Agroshelter proposes a sustainable ecosystem that agriculture is the basis of it. With regard to the existing issue of global warming, eco-friendly materials such as straw-bale, wood and clay as principal construction materials are combined with a modular and flexible metal structure. innovative natural energy solutions for heating and cooling system aim to decrease building’s energy demand to zero. Bio waste is offered as an energy resource to provide a limited amount of the energy need and most importantly refugees will be given the opportunity to run organic food markets and international kitchens in the period of refuge.


Hani Henareh

Hani Henareh

Concept Developer

Team members

Hadi Majdi / Architect
Jafar Nejhadnajaf / Architect

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