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Innovative Waste Heat Recovery

Innovative Waste Heat Recovery

Renewable Energy and Greentech








Arab Startup Competition Eleventh Edition 2018


Ideas Track


Arab Startup Competition Eleventh Edition 2018: Ideas Track - Finalist


We have developed an innovative technology that converts low grade thermal heat to mechanical energy and so electricity. The technology consists of a thermal machine and turbine movement. Our Innovative system consists of a turbine with dis-balanced liquid piston. This allows to recover 60-70 % of the energy that used to be wasted without emissions. The main idea is to convert low grade waste heat directly to electricity no matter the size of the facility and the heat temperature (starting 30°C), when there are no other applications for this low grade heat in a cost-effective way. You will be surprised at how many the uses of the recovered energy, are.

Team members

Meryem Frigui / R&D Engineer
Aldo Mango / R&D Engineer

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