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WEE (Water Energie & Environment)

WEE (Water Energie & Environment)

Renewable Energy and Greentech






BloomMasters First Edition 2017

Startups Track


BloomMasters First Edition 2017: Startups Track


The project consists of the design and production of solar concentrator system for the production of high temperature heat allowing the supply of cheap, non-polluting and decentralized energy (independent of the existing energy infrastructure (city gas)). The concentrators have parabolic shapes made with various profiles of steel and aluminum, covered with glass mirrors that reflect and concentrate the sun rays on a fix receivers. Energy is recovered as heat at high temperatures. (600 ° C was reached with the 3rd prototype). From there, various applications are possible. We quote without limitation: -Sea water Desalination. -Food industry for the processes of: pasteurisation, drying, canning ... -Textile industries for the following processes: coloring / discoloration, degreasing, washing ... -The chemical industry for the processes of: separation, vulcanization, polymerisation ... -The building materials industry. -The distillation of essential oils and aromatic herbs. -Treatment and recycling of waste. The concentrators oriented automatically, and are equipped with an electromechanical system to monitorand track the sun, keeping the "solar spot" fixed on the receivers. The system constantly self-corrects disturbances due to wind or poor handling. The concentrators are modular and can be mounted in series to increase the power of the installation. These systems are a complement to the existing fossil energies and we are integrated into the existing energy infrastructure.

Team members

Abdallah Khenissi
Mehdi El mensi
Ourida Salem

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