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Grow My Business Sixth Edition 2017

1st Runner Up

Arab Startup Competition Fifteenth Edition 2022


Startups Track


Grow My Business Sixth Edition 2017 - 1st Runner Up

Arab Startup Competition Fifteenth Edition 2022: Startups Track - Semi-finalist


Bildits is a patent pending STEM educational toy based on real construction processes where kids starting 6 years old learn about engineering practices and design and build the house of their dreams with their own hands by following every step of construction: from planning, to constructing steel structures, installing formwork, pouring cement, building masonry walls, painting, and more. Bildits also offers workshops in schools that use the Bildits’ proprietary miniature replicas of construction materials to teach students about scientific concepts through trial and error and fun hands-on experiences . We have developed a curriculum with the aid of pedagogical experts from UNICEF that drifts away from the concepts of standardization and is given in a non-linear and personalized way. It focuses on developing soft skills such as creativity, curiosity, emotional intelligence, self motivation, acceptance of new ideas and others, communication and more.

Team members

Rayan Barhouche
Wael Saade
Joseph Dib / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Nadi Chemali / Chief Operating Officer (COO)
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