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The COVID-19 Pandemic has exposed the imbalance between the Molecular Diagnostic infrastructure capa... Read more

Hudhud AI

An AI system using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms with a chat box that provides high-qual... Read more

IoTree Solutions

IOTree is a company providing the agricultural sector a innovative solution to the most crucial prob... Read more

Kanari AI

Kanari AI provides speech technology solutions for Modern Standard Arabic and Dialectal Arabic - spe... Read more


Nugttah is a customer engagement platform that makes customers close to the business owners by suppl... Read more

OCT Analysis

OCT Analysis is an AI software that analyzes OCT eye scans and assesses healing after eye surgeries.... Read more


OptiStructure is an AI-based solution for the Construction Industry. The way this works in a general... Read more


Aqses, developed by RoboAds, is a communication and collaboration platform that offers access to cha... Read more


RUSH & REEZ creates modest fashion solutions for women who refuse to make compromises to style, ... Read more

SARsat Arabia

Design and build small satellites and launch them to Space, observe earth regularly and sell images ... Read more

Shems For Lighting

Créée le 01/09/2016 "SHEMS For Lighting" est une société marocaine de production et de commercia... Read more

Sindyan Educational Media

Sindyan is an EdTech startup created by parents and inspired by children. We produce original high-q... Read more

Speetra Design Studio

A FashionTech startup that works at the intersection of technology and design, giving designers the ... Read more

Synapse Analytics

We believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence to create a more abundant and prosperous world. W... Read more


Women who are facing changes in their lifestyle such as being a mother, having a career shift, or ch... Read more

Tala (تالة)

كانت المشكله التي وجدناها هي صعوبة عملية تلقيح وعلاج ا... Read more


Tamarran is GCC's home-grown gym management software and booking app that is used by gyms, fitness s... Read more


THEMAR is a Sharia compliant peer to peer purchase financing network. Its simple platform connects s... Read more


Toothpick is a Dental eco-system that aspires to be the tech platform for the dental industry.
... Read more


uMore is a mental well-being platform that tracks stress, anxiety and depression. Users self-monitor... Read more

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