MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab
alumni directory

3D IT Medical

The medical industry is unique in the aspect that almost all services are customised for each patien... Read more


Aounak is a pick-up booking application that allows users to get a safe and affordable transportatio... Read more

At Home Doc

At Home Doc brings licensed doctors to your home in less than 90 minutes! At a push of a button, you... Read more

Aya Animations

AYA Animations is a production company that brings early childhood edutainment centered around unive... Read more


Baramoda is the first agri-tech start-up in the Middle East and Africa specialized in sustainable ag... Read more


BeamBot is an intelligent video analytics platform that collects real-time video data, and transform... Read more


Beanboat bridges the gap between coffee farmers and consumers. It works with the family owned coffee... Read more

Blatt Boutique

Blatt Boutique functions as a curated distributer of sustainable construction finish materials (pane... Read more


1 million lives are lost every year due to counterfeit medicine. Due to lack of information and conn... Read more

bots factory

Banki is an intelligent conversational voice assistant, pluggable in mobile banking and mobile walle... Read more

Carbon Mobile GmbH

Carbon Mobile is the company leading the adoption of Sustainable High-Tech materials in personal ele... Read more

Creative Space

Creative Space is a social enterprise with free education, inclusivity and job creation at the heart... Read more


Dalooni is a platform that connects businesses to a group of independent sales people that will refe... Read more


Decapolis provides a platform for certification of the quality of food to food producers worldwide. ... Read more


Devyzer is an intelligent assistant with various tools that can perform developer's daily tasks. It ... Read more

Draw it

Draw It is a tool where users can express their emotions through the guided drawings of the human fi... Read more


Eazytron is the first establishment of its kind in the Arab world that manufactures and develops qua... Read more

Entaleq (A Mobile Application by Helm Consulting)

Entaleq App is a crowdsourcing platform that utilizes the power of the masses to share accessibility... Read more


FlowLess provides a comprehensive system for water networks management, consisting of IoT devices to... Read more

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